The revolutionary Wheel Shield is built using  Lexan™ which is a brand name for a polycarbonate sheet of plastic. This plastic sheeting is extremely durable, heat resistant, and so impact resistant that some bulletproof glass is made of Lexan™.


The Wheel Shield is built in Toledo, Ohio, where the original Jeep was manufactured starting in 1945 and the Jeep Wrangler since 1986.


Way back in 1933... 

William E. Whaley of Louisville, Kentucky had the idea for an advertising sign holder which displayed removable signs over an automobile spare tire. A mere 85 years later, we have developed a modern adaptation of William Whaley's invention called the "Wheel Shield."  


We understand that most Jeep owners are passionate about their vehicles. With this in mind, our goal here at Wheel Shield, was to produce a durable and easy to install piece of equipment that allows Jeep fans to customize the appearance of their spare tire to their personal taste without concealing the tire itself. 

Today through the manufacture of our Wheel Shield in Toledo, Ohio, we not only pay homage to William Whaley and his invention, but are also inspired by all of you who are passionate about your Jeeps!


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